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About Us

About Us

Parity is locally established company that has grown steadily from its humble beginnings in 1997 and with the present size of our client base and the penetration into the African region market the future of the enterprise is assured. A growing client base is to the advantage of existing and new clients in that the expertise in running the system becomes more available.

Our solid commitment to satisfactory and efficient customer service has been the greatest attribute to our success in the market. Parity will continue to market its services and products in its present market and continue to seek new growth opportunities in related areas where its experience and expertise can be utilized.

It is the vision of Parity to be the ICT Service provider of choice for Integrated Management Information System (IMIS)in the African region. We have done business in the region and have a formal African expansion initiative driven by designated individuals who actively pursue the expansion of our business into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through Consulting and Training, we aim to educate the region in key principles and concept of Integrated Management Information System, thus ensuring that institutions understand and adopt commonly accepted international best practices and standards.

Parity has been providing ICT consulting and training services for many years to allow for the full appreciation of the concept by offering in-depth training in the theory of MIS, supplemented by our own experience over the years.

Our business objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction through provision of products and services that meet our clients’ unique requirements and substantially add value to their organization. This is clearly reflected in our stated;

Mission Statement

To supply products and solutions that will be recognized in quality and value and achieve excellence in customer service.

Vision Statement

To be a leading solution provider of integrated information management systems in the region and grow a profitable portfolio of solutions which provide customers with superior value proposition.

Our Goals

  • Leverage on past success and experience
  • Create meaningful and productive partnerships and networks
  • Identify and apply inert potential for business development and growth
  • Provide leadership in ICT solutions and consulting services with regard to client as the “KING”

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