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Code of Conduct

At Parity, we have a code of conduct that sets out the rules and values which all our employees must conform to. The code is reflective of our values and expectations, and outlines our ethical and environmental policies, to which everyone who works with us is required to adhere.

Our code of conduct details our stance on Health Safety & Environment, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, human rights, corporate responsibilities, business and humanitarian ethics.

Anti-bribery & Corruption

It is well documented that some of the world’s locations are perceived as presenting a high business risk when it comes to levels of bribery and corruption.

Parity Code of Conduct aims to prevent this illegal and immoral activity in its workforce by insisting that all employees carry out anti-bribery and corruption risk assessments on parties with whom we do business, as well as laying down a list of rules and regulations with which all parties are required to conform.

Should suspicions arise that our bribery and corruption policies are being abused or ignored, a prompt and full investigation into the offending parties will be launched.

Our Guiding Principles

All employees are made aware of our key guiding principles which include our support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our commitment to Quality ICT solutions, our responsibility towards the environment and our compliance and ethics policy.

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